Definition for AD'VO-CATE

AD'VO-CATE, v.t.

To plead in favor of; to defend by argument, before a tribunal; to support or vindicate. Those who advocate a discrimination. – Hamilton's Report on Public Debt. The Duke of York advocated the amendment. – Debates on the Regency in the House of Lords, Dec. 27, 1810. The Earl of Buckingham advocated the original resolution. – Ibid. The idea of a legislature, consisting of a single branch, though advocated by some, was generally reprobated. – Ramsay, Hist. Carolina. How little claim persons, who advocate this sentiment, really possess to be considered Calvinists, will appear from the following quotation. – Mackenzie's Life of Calvin. The most eminent orators were engaged to advocate his cause. – Mitford. A part only of the body, whose cause he advocates, coincide with him in judgment. – Chris. Obs. xi. 434. Scott.

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