Definition for A-FORE'

A-FORE', adv. [or prep. a and fore.]

  1. In front.
  2. Between one object and another, so as to intercept a direct view or intercourse; as, to stand between a person and the light of a candle – a popular use of the word.
  3. Prior in time; before; anterior; prior time being considered as in front of subsequent time. The grass which withereth afore it groweth up. – Ps. cxxix. In all these senses it is now inelegant, and superseded by before.
  4. In seaman's language, toward the head of the ship; further forward, or nearer the stem; as, afore the windlas. Afore the mast, is a phrase which is applied to a common sailor, one who does duty on the main deck, or has no office on board the ship. – Mar. Dict.

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