Definition for AG'GRA-VATE

AG'GRA-VATE, v.t. [L. aggravo, of ad and gravis, heavy. See Grave, Gravity.]

  1. To make heavy, but not used in this literal sense. Figuratively, to make worse, more severe, or less tolerable; as, to aggravate the evils of life; to aggravate pain or punishment.
  2. To make more enormous, or less excusable; as, to aggravate a crime.
  3. To exaggerate.
  4. To give coloring in description; to give an exaggerated representation; as, to aggravate a charge against an offender; to aggravate circumstances. – Guthrie. Quint. Paley. Actions and motives maliciously aggravated. – Washington's Life. The propriety of the word in the latter passage is questionable. Aggravate is generally used in reference to evils, or something improper or unnatural.

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