Definition for A-LARM'

A-LARM', n. [Dan. larm, noise, bustle, alarm; larmer, to make a noise or bustle, to alarm; G. lärm, lärmen, id.; Sw. larm, larma, id.; Fr. alarme, alarmer; Sp. alarma, alarmar; It. allarme, allarmare; W. alarm, a great shout, compounded of al, very, most, and garm, an outcry. The Welsh gives the true origin and primary signification.]

  1. Any sound, outcry or information, intended to give notice of approaching danger; as, to sound an alarm.
  2. A summon to arms. – Dryden.
  3. Sudden surprise with fear or terror; as, the fire of the enemy excited an alarm.
  4. Terror; a sensation excited by an apprehension of danger, from whatever cause; as, we felt an alarm at the cry of fire.
  5. In fencing, an appeal or challenge. – Encyc.

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