Definition for AL-LI'ANCE

AL-LI'ANCE, n. [Fr. alliance, from allier, lier, to tie or unite, from L. ligo; Gr. λυγοω; Sp. alianza; Port. aliança; It. alleanza; from the same root as liege, league, allegiance. Class Lg.]

  1. The relation or union between families, contracted by marriage. – Dryden.
  2. The union between nations, contracted by compact, treaty or league.
  3. The treaty, league, or compact, which is the instrument of confederacy; sometimes perhaps the act of confederating.
  4. Any union or connection of interests between persons families, states or corporations; as, an alliance between church and state.
  5. The persons or parties allied; as, men or states may secure any alliances in their power. – Addison.

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