Definition for A-NOINT'

A-NOINT', v.t. [Fr. oindre, part. oint; Sp. untar, to anoint; L. ungo; Sp. ungir; It. ungere, or ugnere.]

  1. To pour oil upon; to smear or rub over with oil or unctuous substances; also to spread over, as oil. We say, the man anoints another, or the oil anoints him.
  2. To consecrate by unction, or the use of oil. Thou shalt anoint the altar and sanctify it. – Ex. xxix.
  3. To smear or daub. He anointed the eyes of the blind man with clay. – John ix.
  4. To prepare, in allusion to the consecrating use of oil. Anoint the shield. – Isaiah xxi. To anoint the head with oil, Ps. xxiii, seems to signify to communicate the consolations of the Holy Spirit. The use of oil in consecrations was of high antiquity. Kings, prophets and priests were set apart or consecrated to their offices by the use of oil. Hence the peculiar application of the term anointed, to Jesus Christ.

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