Definition for A-POPH'Y-GE, or A-POPH'Y-GY

A-POPH'Y-GE, or A-POPH'Y-GY, n. [Gr. απο, from, and φυγη, flight.]

  1. 1. In architecture, the part of a column, where it springs out of its base; originally a ring, or ferrule to bind the extremities of columns, and keep them from splitting; afterwards imitated in stone pillars. It is sometimes called the spring of the column. – Chambers.
  2. A concave part or ring of a column, lying above or below the flat member, called by the French le congé d'en bas, or d'en haut; by the Italians, cavo di basso, or di sopra; also, il vivo di basso. – Encyc.

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