Definition for AP-PEAR'ANCE


  1. The act of coming into sight; the act of becoming visible to the eye; as, his sudden appearance surprised me.
  2. The thing seen; a phenomenon; as, an appearance in the sky.
  3. Semblance; apparent likeness. There was upon the tabernacle as it were the appearance of fire. Num. ix.
  4. External show; semblance assumed, in opposition to reality or substance; as, we are often deceived by appearances; he has the appearance of virtue. For man looketh on the outward appearance. 1 Sam. xvi.
  5. Personal presence; exhibition of the person; as, he made his first appearance at court or on the stage.
  6. Exhibition of the character; introduction of a person to the public in a particular character; as, a person makes his appearance in the world, as an historian, an artist, or an orator.
  7. Probability; likelihood. – Bacon. This sense is rather an inference from the third or fourth; as, probability is inferred from external semblance or show.
  8. Presence; mien; figure; as presented by the person, dress or manners; as, the lady made a noble appearance.
  9. A being present in court; a defendant's filing common or special bail to a process.
  10. An apparition. – Addison.

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