Definition for A'QUA

A'QUA, n. [L. aqua; Sp. agua; Port. agoa; It. acqua, water; Arm. eagui, to water, or steep; Goth. ahwa, water, which in Saxon is reduced to ea; G. and D. ei, in eiland; Fr. eau; W. gwy or aw; Ir. oig or oiche; Amh. oge.]

Water; a word much used in pharmacy, and the old chimistry. Aqua fortis, in the old chimistry, is now called nitric acid. Aqua marina, a name which jewelers give to the beryl, on account of its color. Aqua regia, in the old chimistry, is now called nitro-muriatic acid. Aqua vitæ, brandy, or spirit of wine.

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