Definition for ARK

ARK, n. [Fr. arche; L. arca; Sp. Port. It. arca, a chest or coffer; Ir. airg, airk; Sax. erc or erk; G. arche; D. arke; Ch. ארגז.]

  1. A small close vessel, chest or coffer, such as that which was the repository of the tables of the covenant among the Jews. This was about three feet nine inches in length. The lid was the propitiatory, or mercy-seat, over which were the cherubs. The vessel in which Moses was set afloat upon the Nile, was an ark of bulrushes.
  2. The large floating vessel in which Noah and his family were preserved during the deluge.
  3. A depository. Arise, O Lord, into thy rest, thou and the ark of thy strength. Ps. cxxxii.
  4. A large boat used on American rivers to transport produce to market.

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