Definition for AR-MIG'ER-OUS

AR-MIG'ER-OUS, a. [L. armiger; arma and gero.]

Literally, bearing arms. But in present usage, armiger is a title of dignity next in degree to a knight. In times of chivalry, it signified an attendant on a knight, or other person of rank, who bore his shield and rendered him other military services. So in antiquity, Abimelech, Saul, &c. had their armor-bearers, Judg. ix. 1 Sam. xvi. As had Hector and Achilles. Homer. This title, under the French princes, in England, was exchanged, in common usage, for esquire, Fr. ecuyer, a word of similar import, from ecu, L. scutum, a shield. Armiger is still retained with us, as a title of respect, being the Latin word equivalent to esquire, which see. – Spelman.

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