Definition for ARM'OR

ARM'OR, n. [from arm.]

  1. Defensive arms; any habit worn to protect the body in battle; formerly called harness. A complete armor formerly consisted of a casque or helmet, a gorget, cuirass, gauntlets, tasses, brassets, cuishes, and covers for the legs to which the spurs were fastened. – Encyc. In English statutes, armor is used for the whole apparatus of war; including offensive as well as defensive arms. The statutes of armor directed what arms every man should provide, 27 Hen. II. and of Westminster. Hence armor includes all instruments of war. – Blackstone, b. iv, ch. 7; b. 1, ch. 13. Hen. Hist. Brit. b. iii, ch. 1.
  2. In a spiritual sense, good conscience, faith and Christian graces are called armor. – Rom. xiii. Eph. vi. 2 Cor. vi. Coat armor is the escutcheon of a person or family, with its several charges and other furniture, as mantling, crest, supporters, motto, &c. – Encyc.

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