Definition for AR-RAY

AR-RAY, n. [Norm. araie, and arraer, arair, to array, settle, prepare; ray, a robe, and the array or pannel of the jury; Old Fr. arroi, a word contracted; Ir. earradh, a suit of armor, furniture, accouterments, wares; It. arredo, furniture implements, rigging; arredare, to prepare or equip; Arm. reiza, to put in order or arrange; Sp. arreo; Port. arreio, arreyo, array, dress; Port. arrear, to dress. Class Rd, and allied to rod, radius, ray. The primary sense is to make straight or right. See Dress.]

  1. Order; disposition in regular lines; as, an army in battle array. Hence a posture of defense.
  2. Dress; garments disposed in order upon the person. – Dryden.
  3. In law, the act of impanneling a jury; or a jury impanneled; that is, a jury set in order by the sherif, or called man by man. – Blackstone. Cowel. Commission of array, in English history, was a commission given by the prince to officers in every county, to muster and array the inhabitants; or see them in a condition for war. Blackstone.

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