Definition for AR'TI-CHOKE

AR'TI-CHOKE, n. [Qu. the first syllable of Gr. αρτυτικα, Fr. artichaut; Arm. artichauden; Sp. alcachofa; Port. alcachofra; It. carciofo, carciofano, or carciofalo. The first syllable is probably the L. carduus, chard, thistle, corrupted. D. artichok; G. artischoke; Dan. artiskok.]

The Cyndra Scolymus, a plant somewhat resembling a thistle, with a dilated, imbricated and prickly calyx. The head is large, rough and scaly, on an upright stalk. It is composed of numerous, oval scales, inclosing the florets, sitting on a broad receptacle, which, with the fleshy base of the scales, is the eatable part of the plant. – Encyc. Miller. The Jerusalem artichoke is a species of sunflower or helianthus.

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