Definition for AS-SU'RANCE

AS-SU'RANCE, n. [ashu'rance; Fr. from assurer, of ad and sûr, seur, sure, certain. Qu. the Rab. and Talm. אשר, to make firm, confirm, verify; or is seur the G. zwar, from the root of L. verus; more probably it is from It. sicurare, assicurare, to insure, from L. securus.]

  1. The act of assuring, or of making a declaration in terms that furnish ground of confidence; as, I trusted to his assurances; or the act of furnishing any ground of full confidence. Whereof he hath given assurance to all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. Acts xvii.
  2. Firm persuasion; full confidence or trust; freedom from doubt; certain expectation; the utmost certainty. Let us draw near with a true heart, in full assurance of faith. – Heb. x.
  3. Firmness of mind; undoubting steadiness; intrepidity. Brave men meet danger with assurance. – Knolles.
  4. Excess of boldness; impudence; as, his assurance is intolerable.
  5. Freedom from excessive modesty, timidity or bashfulness; laudable confidence. Conversation with the world will give them knowledge and assurance. – Locke.
  6. Insurance; a contract to make good a loss. [See Insurance.]
  7. Any writing or legal evidence of the conveyance of property. – Blackstone.
  8. Conviction. – Tillotson.
  9. In theology, full confidence of one's interest in Christ, and of final salvation.

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