Definition for AT-TEMPT'

AT-TEMPT', v.t. [Fr. attenter, from L. attento, to attempt, of ad and tento, to try; Arm. attempti. The L. tento is from the same root as tendo, to strain; Gr. τεινω. Hence, the literal sense is to strain, urge, stretch.]

  1. To make an effort to effect some object; to make trial or experiment; to try; to endeavor; to use exertion for any purpose; as, to attempt to sing; to attempt a bold flight.
  2. To attack; to make an effort upon; as, to attempt the enemy's camp. This verb is not always followed by an object, and appears to be intransitive; but some object is understood, or a verb in the infinitive follows in the place of an object; as, he attempted to speak.

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