Definition for HIT

HIT, v.t. [pret. and pp. hit. Sw. hitta, Dan. hitter, to find, to meet, that is, to come to, to come or fall on. This word illustrates the signification of find.]

  1. To strike or touch, either with or without force. We hit a thing with the finger, or with the head; a cannon ball hits a mast, or a wall.
  2. To strike or touch a mark with any thing directed to that object; not to miss. The archers hit him. 1 Sam. xxxi.
  3. To reach; to attain to. Birds learning tunes, and their endeavors to hit the notes right. Locke.
  4. To suit; to be conformable. – Melancholy, / Whose saintly visage is too bright / To hit the sense of human sight. Milton.
  5. To strike; to touch properly; to offer the right bait. There you hit him – that argument never fails with him. Dryden. To hit off, to strike out; to determine luckily. Temple. #2. To represent or describe exactly. To hit out, to perform by good luck. [Little used.] Spenser.

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