Definition for HITCH

HITCH, v.i. [Ar. حَاكَ haika, to hitch along; W. hecian, to halt, hop, or limp, or hictaw, to snap, to catch suddenly. Both may be of one family.]

  1. To move by jerks, or with stops; as, in colloquial language, to hitch along. Whoe'er offends, at some unlucky time / Slides in a verse, or hitches in a rhyme. Pope.
  2. To become entangled; to be caught or hooked. South.
  3. To hit the legs together in going, as horses. [Not used in the United States.]
  4. To hop; to spring on one leg. [Local.] Grose.
  5. To move or walk. Grose.

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