Definition for ZYG-O-MAT'IC

ZYG-O-MAT'IC, a. [Gr. ζευγμα, a joining.]

Pertaining to a bone of the head, called also os jugale, or cheek bone, or to the bony arch under which the temporal muscle passes. The term zygoma is applied both to the bone and the arch. – Cyc. Zygomatic arch. [See Zygomatic.] Zygomatic bone, the cheek bone. Zygomatic muscles, two muscles of the face, which rise from the zygomatic bone, and are inserted into the corner of the mouth. Zygomatic processes, the processes of the temporal and cheek bones, which unite to form the zygomatic arch. Zygomatic suture, the suture which joins the zygomatic processes of the temporal and cheek bones. – Parr.

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