Definition for Efface (-s, -d, -ing)

efface (-s, -d, -ing), v. [L. ex, out + facies, face.]

  1. Disappear; fade away; become invisible; vanish from view.
  2. End; finish; destroy; extinguish; terminate; eliminate.
  3. Erode; undermine; weaken; subvert; wear away.
  4. Erase; hide; obliterate; blot out; [word play] cause to be faceless.
  5. Dissipate; dispel; make invisible; cause to disappear; [fig.] melt.
  6. Diminish; decrease; make appear less significant.
  7. Lessen; minimize; reduce the burden of; relieve from the heavy weight of; [word play] confront; meet face to face.

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