Tribute to Swedish translator, Ann-Marie Vinde

An elegy in English and Swedish for Ann-Marie Vinde, who carefully prepared many new translations of Emily Dickinson's poems.

.docx file Download 2018ElegyforAnnMarieVinde.docx

Webster 1844 ADEL Front Matter

This .rtf file contains the Preface & Introduction to Noah Webster's 1844 American Dictionary of the English Language.

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Ann-Marie Vinde's Swedish Translation Update

Ann-Marie Vinde's inventory of Swedish translation resources for Dickinson's poems has been updated as of December 2017.

.xls file Download SwedishTranslationInventories.xls

2017 ED Poem Translations in Dutch, German, Scandinavian

Geert Nijland has compiled a spreadsheet of Dickinson poems that have been translated into Dutch, German, and Scandinavian languages.

.xls file Download 2017DickinsonDutGerSca_nij.xls

Dickinson in Italian

Giuseppe Ierolli's translations of the collected poems of Emily Dickinson are available at Emily Dickinson in Italian.

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EDL Place Names

A spreadsheet of toponymns and nationality proper names in the collected poems of Emily Dickinson. See Hallen, Cynthia L. and Malina M. Nielson. “Emily Dickinson’s Place Names.” Names: A Journal of Onomastics. 54:1 (March 2006) 5-21.

.xls file Download EDLPlaceNames.xls

The Language of a Poetic Translation in the Aspect of Linguistic Pragmatics

Irina V. Rayushkina's dissertation discusses the pragmatic attributes of Emily Dickinson’s poetic language in Russian translations of her poems. Methodical model of the reading the poems of Emily Dickinson is the necessary component of a translator’s competence. Evidence of multistage translation process which is based on the method of introspection. Sociometry method can be used as the reliable criterion for the objective evaluation of the quality of translated texts. As a result the model of realization of communicative-pragmatic goals of poetry translation has been constructed.

.doc file Download IrinaRayushkinadissertationEnglish.doc

Irina Rayushkina's Dissertation Appendix

Irina Rayushkina's Dissertation Appendix with Russian Translations from Emily Dickinson’s poems.

.doc file Download IrinaRayushkinaAppendix.doc

Dickinson's Flower Terms

Merella Shuster’s spreadsheet of language figures pertaining to the conservatory flowers mentioned in Judith Farr's book The Gardens of Emily Dickinson.

.xls file Download EDFlowerTerms.xls

Person Names in Dickinson's Letters

A spreadsheet draft of person names in Emily Dickinson's letters, beginning with terms for Deity.

.xls file Download EDLettersPersonNames.xls

Table of Rhetorical Figures

A table of selected rhetorical figures (word repetition, sound repetition, syntax, lexis) that frequently appear in Dickinson's poems, Shakespeare's plays, and the Bible. See Hallen, Cynthia L. “At Home in Language: Emily Dickinson’s Rhetorical Figures." Emily Dickinson at Home: Proceedings of the Third International Conference of the EDIS. Eds. Gudrun M. Grabher and Martina Antretter. Innsbruck, Austria: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2001, 201-222.

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EDL Website Power Point

Dr. Hallen gave presentations at three libraries in Utah for the Colton Fellowship.

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"Pellets of Shape" by Mary Hurst

Mary Hurst's analysis of scientific terms and lexis in Franklin963/Johnson854.

.doc file Download PelletsofShapeMaryHurst.doc

Addenda, Webster 1844 ADEL

The supplementary pages of the 1844 reprint of the American Dictionary of the English Language, including the words that Noah Webster added or revised before his death in 1843.

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Person Names in Dickinson's Poems

A subset of the Dickinson lexicon is a list of her proper nouns for people.


EDL Bibliography

A draft of references and works cited related to the Emily Dickinson Lexicon.

.doc file Download EDLWorksCited.doc

2013 Dutch Translation of Dickinson Poems

This file contains Emily Dickinson poems, translated by Geert Nijland and Jan Zwemer. Most of these poems had not been translated into Dutch before. Please send comments to Geert at

.doc file Download 2013AprNijlandZwemerDickinsonPoemtransinDutch.doc

15 April 1862-2012, Dickinson and Higginson

Celebratory responses for the anniversary of Emily Dickinson's correspondence with Thomas Higginson.

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2012 Xu Cuihua Compendium of Dickinson Poems Translated into Chinese

Xu Cuihua has made a table of 1113 Emily Dickinson poems that have been translated into Mandarin Chinese by 16 different translators. Cuihua is also translating ED's poems and revising previous translations.

.pdf file Download 2012XuCuihuaCompendiumofDickinsonPoemsTranslatedintoChinese.pdf

Translation Template with Dickinson Poem Numbers

This spreadsheet contains the Johnson and Franklin poem numbers for Emily Dickinson's collected poems. Translators and scholars may use it to make an inventory of which poems have or have not been translated into their language.

.xls file Download TranslationInventories.xls

April 15, 1862-2012, Dickinson and Higginson

Download celebratory responses for the anniversary of Emily Dickinson's correspondence with Thomas Higginson.

.docx file Download 2012EDandTWHanniversary.docx