Definition for Eternity (eternities, -'s)

eternity (eternities, -'s), n. [see eternal, adj.]

  1. Life after death; [fig.] the Promised Land; (see Isaiah 57:15).
  2. Heaven; paradise; infinite space; endless expanse of the sky; [word play on “East of Eden] Paradise; the Garden of Eden; a new heaven and a new earth.
  3. Everlasting life; continuous existence.
  4. Realms of faith; unseen dimensions of love.
  5. Eternal life; era of never-ending love.
  6. Infinity; living forever.
  7. Endless grief; seemingly relentless sorrow; the depths of despair.
  8. Charity; perfection; purity of heart; holiness to the Lord; all-encompassing covenant relationship of respect, devotion, and affection; [fig.] poetry; philology; [metaphor] the Beloved; You; Thou.
  9. Perfect love; complete fulfillment; covenant union; spiritual consummation of which human marriage is symbolic; [fig.] entrance into the presence of God.
  10. Immortality; never-ending life; state of being that transcends mortal life and death.
  11. Constant activity; endless business; [fig.] monotony; droning existence.
  12. Resurrection; restoration of the soul to its divine potential; reunion of the mortal body and the immortal spirit.
  13. Pre-existence; pre-mortal life; incomprehensible state of the soul before birth.
  14. Deity; God; the Divine Being; the Savior who liberates mortals from evil and death.
  15. Endless perspective; never-ending future; infinite progression; dimension beyond time and space; view of worlds within worlds and universes within universes.
  16. Very long time; seemingly endless duration.
  17. Creation; cosmos; [fig.] Dasein; intelligence, truth, light, being, and love.
  18. Sanctification; consecration; blessedness; baptism; confirmation; divine investiture; endowment as a child of God; anointing as an heir in the Kingdom of God; [fig.] the windows of heaven.
  19. Timelessness; all-encompassing time; period before birth, during life, and after death; [fig.] ocean upon ocean of reality.

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