Definition for Ethereal (etherial)

ethereal (etherial), adj. [see ether, n.] (webplay: air, corporeal, light, natures, spirit).

  1. Hazy; breezy; effervescent; balmy; [fig.] blessed; favored; fortunate; glorious.
  2. Transcendent; invisible but audible, like distant thunder; [fig.] spiritual; soulful; otherworldly.
  3. Spectral; ghostly; ghastly; [fig.] indifferent; supercilious.
  4. Ephemeral; ineffable; unspeakable; inexpressible.
  5. Unearthly; supernatural; mystical; mysterious; unexplainable; [kenning “Etherial Zone”] immortality; paradise; Elysium; spirit world; place beyond the veil of death.
  6. Brief; fleeting; temporary; momentary; short-lived; [fig.] primordial; primeval; essential.
  7. Airy; wispy; imperceptible; intangible.
  8. Aerial; [fig.] elevated; superior; ascendent.
  9. Heavenly; celestial; seraphic; of spirit; existing beyond mortality; [fig.] divine; godly.

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