Definition for Give (-s, -en, gave)

give (-s, -en, gave), v. [OE giefen.]

  1. Bestow upon.
  2. Grant; impart.
  3. Compensate; reward; pay.
  4. Commit; yield to the power of.
  5. Transfer from one to another without the expectation of compensation.
  6. Sacrifice; relinquish; trade.
  7. Administer to; dispense; provide.
  8. Cause; evoke; arouse; excite.
  9. Inspire.
  10. Emit; instill.
  11. Cause; produce a new quality.
  12. Apply; designate; assign.
  13. Promise; pledge.
  14. Permit; allow; provide; [irony] sentence; penalize; punish; condemn; [word play] forgive.
  15. Issue; decree; establish; set forth.
  16. Consecrate; set apart.
  17. Communicate; tell; announce; publish.
  18. Show; reveal; exhibit.
  19. Place; present; impose.
  20. Distribute.
  21. Exchange; trade.
  22. Expend; set aside; devote.
  23. Conduct; present an event.
  24. Offer; present.
  25. Supply; provide; demand of.
  26. Become vulnerable; surrender; submit.
  27. Contribute; share; sacrifice; impart with possessions; be generous.
  28. Phrase. “give up”: abandon; surrender; quit.

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