Definition for Glass

glass, n. [OE.]

  1. Transparent, rigid, fragile material used to make windows, drinking glasses, etc.
  2. Cylindrical object made of glass used to hold liquids, from which one drinks.
  3. Microscope; device permitting very close examination of a specimen, enabling the user to see minute details otherwise unseeable.
  4. Mirror; object made of glass in which one may see their own reflection.
  5. Vase; object, often cylindrical, used to hold picked flowers in water.
  6. Window; pane; sheet of transparent material in a wooden frame in a wall of a house; substance that lets in light and permits occupants to look outside.
  7. Glassy water surface; mirror-like reflection of well-water.
  8. Eyepiece; monocle; telescope; tool for viewing the heavens.

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