Definition for Go (-es, -ing, gone, went)

go (-es, -ing, gone, went), v. [OE; see went, v.]

  1. Enter; attend; [fig.] serve [note: ED's father Edward served in the Massachusetts legislature.]
  2. Leave; depart; exit; accompany; [fig.] expire; pass away; move on.
  3. Start; embark; commence; begin; proceed; set out.
  4. Return; come back.
  5. Unfold; spread out.
  6. Move; shift; journey; transfer; advance; continue; progress; travel forward.
  7. Disappear; vanish; become invisible.
  8. Turn; spin; revolve; rotate; [fig.] work; labor; continue to function.
  9. Launch; fly off; sail away; come out; [fig.] become; appear as; make a debut.
  10. Flee; take leave; not remain; [fig.] say goodnight; say goodbye.
  11. Act; feel; receive; experience; welcome; accept; take part; [fig.] taste; feast; partake; ingest.
  12. Phrase. “go/went down”: sink; become inundated; become submersed in water.
  13. Phrase. “To go and [… ]”: to take action in [ … ] ; make something happen by [… ].
  14. Phrase. “let go”: release; halt; discontinue; let out; allow to cease.
  15. Phrase. “go above”: transcend; surpass; overcome; rise from; [fig.] master; control; discipline; get the better of.
  16. Phrase. “letting go”: acceptance; resignation; final stage of grief.
  17. Phrase. “go against”: confront; challenge; prepare to fight; take a stance; (see 1 Samuel 17:32).
  18. Phrase. “go down”: settle; subside; diminish; lessen.
  19. Phrase. “go/went up”: appear in; come to; spring into; return to; become conscious again in; be restored to memory in.
  20. Phrase. “go to pieces”: break; shatter; fall apart.

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