Definition for Wait (-ed, -s, -ing)

wait (-ed, -s, -ing), v. [ME waite-n, watch, guard < OFr < Germanic *wak-, wake.] (webplay: attempts, come, consequence, court, days, depart, enemy, eye, fall, father, flow'r, gentlemen, hindrance, hour, lay, look, meeting, person, place, remain, rest, services, speak, time, stationary, stay, stop, visit, way, witness).

  1. Expect; anticipate; hope for; listen for.
  2. Stop; pause; stay there; hold still for a minute.
  3. Serve; minister; stand in readiness to assist; [fig.] guard; watch over.
  4. Linger; tarry.
  5. Watch; guard; take care; [fig.] stay behind.
  6. Withhold; hold back; hide something; [fig.] veil; cover.
  7. Abstain; experience a delay; go without something.
  8. Stay; rest; sleep; [fig.] remain until the resurrection.
  9. Restrain one's self; exercise self-control.
  10. Age; come to fruition; fulfill the purpose for being.

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