Definition for Calvary (Calvaries)

Calvary (Calvaries), proper n. [L. < Aramaic gulgulta, place of the skull.] (webplay: cross, crucified, death, Savior).

  1. Good Friday; execution of Christ; [fig.] agony; anguish; misery; pain; unhappiness; woe; wretchedness.
  2. Offering; passion; sacrifice on behalf of another; [fig.] salvation; redemption.
  3. Nostalgia ; self-pity; personal suffering; [historical] church in San Francisco that Charles Wadsworth transferred to in May 1862.
  4. Dirge; lament; requiem; threnody; sacrament hymn.
  5. Atonement; expiation; excruciating punishment; death of Christ on the cross.
  6. Grief; bereavement; mourning.
  7. Mount of execution; hill west of Jerusalem; place where Jesus Christ died on the cross [see Luke 23:33 and ED letters.]
  8. Phrase. “Empress of Calvary”: woman of sorrows; queen of grief; bereaved bride of a departed loved one.

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