Definition for Chamber (-s)

chamber (-s), n. [Fr. L. < Gk. arched roof, vault, upper gallery.] (webplay: above, apartment, chase, dwelling, eye, form, hid, house, lodging, meets, occupies, place, roof, room, safe, secret, secured, sleeps, southern).

  1. Closet; royal apartment; sleeping quarters for a monarch; [fig.] mausoleum; funeral vault.
  2. Interior; concave space; [fig.] corol; corolla; cup of pollen; container of nectar; cavity within the petals of a flower.
  3. Receptacle; cup; [fig.] grave; tomb; burial place.
  4. Parlor; viewing room; front room where people observe a wake for a corpse; place full of lights surrounding the body of a deceased loved one; [fig.] mansion; heavenly resting place.
  5. Upper room (see Mark 14:14-15); [metonymy] address; domicile; lodging; residence; dwelling place; [fig.] court; palace; door into heaven; entrance into the Kingdom of God.
  6. Loft; garret; living area; dwelling place; [fig.] sacred space; upper room; area for worship in a temple (see 1 Kings 6:1-10); [metaphor] sphere of influence; domain of creation; realm of creative activity.
  7. Bedroom; personal space in a home; private place assigned to an individual living in a house; Emily's upstairs room in the southwest corner of the Dickinson homestead in Amherst, Massachusetts.
  8. Abyss; chasm; depth; profundity.

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