Definition for Crown (-s)

crown (-s), n. [ME < L. cor┼Źna, crown, wreath, chaplet.] (webplay: adorn, arms, bear, constant, dignified, dignity, end, figure, finishing, glory, hat, head, husband, kingly, kings, obtain, princes, roundness, royalty, sovereign, supreme, woman, worn).

  1. Coronal; wreath; garland; encircling ornament for the head; [fig.] honor; reward; recognition; dignity; special distinction; [allusion] circlet of thorns placed on Christ's head before the crucifixion (see John 19:5; Revelation 2:10).
  2. Coronation; [fig.] funeral pillow; [metaphor] honor, recognition, remembrance, or memorial; [metonymy] Christ-like suffering.
  3. Diadem; jeweled headdress worn by royalty; [fig.] symbol of prestige, nobility, or high position; emblem of responsibility, privilege, and high status.
  4. Crown and Anchor; a gambling game played with dice, cards, and a board that have images of crowns and anchors; [phrase “playing Crown”] pretending to be royalty; acting out the roles of kings and queens.
  5. Golden disk; [fig.] noon; glory; fullness of sunlight.
  6. Floral garland; bridal wreath; symbol of purity; circlet of flowers denoting maidenhood; emblem of worthiness to enter the marriage covenant in ancient cultures of Europe and the Middle East.
  7. Triumph; victory; glory; accomplishment; [fig.] suffering of the Lord; infinite atonement of Christ.
  8. Phrase. “Crowns of Life”: [kenning] heavenly reward; divine recompense; compensation for those who overcome trials; honor for saints who endure persecution; (see James 1:12; Revelation 2:10).

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