Definition for Arise (arose)

arise (arose), v. [Germanic a, up, out, away + rise, ascend.] (webplay: assault, awake, death, getting up, God, head, hearts, leave, men, new, place, power, put, rise, scattered, sense, small, sun, up).

  1. Activate; become animated; come to life.
  2. Swell up; surge; begin to grow; start to intensify.
  3. Occur; ensue; develop; unfold; transpire.
  4. Appear to go up, as the sun at dawn; move forward and upward from dawn to noon; [fig.] build up to a climax, as in a drama.
  5. Depart from rest; begin to act; [word play] go up; fly upward.
  6. Begin to sound; become audible; start up; issue forth.
  7. Ascend; emanate; emerge; materialize; move to a higher place, like vapors.
  8. [Personification] get worn as a scarf; be placed upon the head.

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