Definition for Purple (-s)

purple (-s), n. [see purple, adj.] (webplay: blissful, blue, color, composed, east, emperor, flowers, morn, red, spots, sweet).

  1. Crimson hue; mixture of blue and red [used generally of nature or landscape.]
  2. Violet light; bluish-red color of a sunset or sunrise; [fig.] the rising or setting sun.
  3. Color of a body at or after death; color of blood or bruises; [fig.] mortal wound; death.
  4. Color of royalty; majesty; dignity; distinction; elegance; richness; authority; the color of robes for monarchs.
  5. Royal robe; funeral robe; expensive or exotic cloth tinted with a rich, brightly colored dye; [fig.] exaltation; glory; honor; royalty; nobility.
  6. Color of spring flowers; deep-hued bloom.
  7. [Fig.] blood; life; vitality.
  8. Summit; rocky slope; range; high peak; [fig.] monarch; emperor.

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