Definition for School (-s)

school (-s), n. [OE < Gk. 'leisure, employment of leisure and study'.] (webplay: Latin, house, arts, learn, teach, God, difference, leisure, slowly).

  1. Amherst Academy; an educational institute; a place where children go every weekday to gain knowledge; [fig.] daily duty of boys and girls.
  2. Class; community of children; collective body of pupils and their teacher; [fig.] human beings in general.
  3. Profession; body of teachers; scholars united by principles, methods, theories, and doctrines; group of academics who use logic and precise terminology to define phenomena.
  4. Childhood; the time for learning; a period for gaining experience; an early stage in human life.
  5. Education; studies.
  6. College; a place where young women gain knowledge; an establishment were students acquire new skills; an institution where one can seek answers to essential questions, such as Mt. Holyoke Seminary.
  7. Earthly life; period where one learns through experience.
  8. Place where children are gathered to learn and play.

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