Definition for Science (-s)

science (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'knowledge'.] (webplay: know, art, God, mind).

  1. Education; branch of study; observed facts; systematic classification of natural environments; method for the discovery of new truths; rational solution to the mysteries of nature, life, and the universe; theoretical perception of truth as opposed to intuition, feeling, and faith.
  2. Subject; research topic; area of investigation; particular branch of knowledge that can be studied.
  3. Practical knowledge; specific skill; ability to solve problems; information obtained through experience, that can be imparted to others.
  4. Knowledge; cognizance; understanding; comprehension; wisdom; truth.
  5. Phrase. “Hill of Science”: education; challenge of learning; discovery of knowledge; (see ED Letter 5, p. 10 “Miss … is going to finish her education next summer … She will then have learned all that we poor foot-travellers are toiling up the hill of knowledge to acquire”).

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