Definition for See (-ing, saw, seen, sees)

see (-ing, saw, seen, sees), v. [OE séon.] (webplay: beheld, going blind, know, noticed, observe, scene, shown, speculate, spy, unseen).

  1. View; [fig.] locate; find.
  2. Notice; observe.
  3. Envision; imagine.
  4. Behold; perceive with the eyes.
  5. Visit; experience firsthand.
  6. Realize; recognize; acknowledge; mention.
  7. Guarantee; assure; ensure; warrant; be certain that.
  8. Determine; ascertain; figure out.
  9. [First occurrence] know; understand; [second occurrence] experience; comprehend; be fully acquainted with.
  10. Use the faculty of sight; process the properties of light and matter through the sense of vision.
  11. Witness.
  12. Have eyes open.
  13. Glance; pay attention.
  14. Gaze at; attend to.
  15. View; focus on.
  16. Feel; sense the presence of.
  17. Be; exist; become aware; experience life.
  18. Watch.
  19. Discern; reveal.
  20. Ascertain.
  21. Discover.
  22. Phrase. “I see”: I believe; [tag comment] I realize; it is clear to me.

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