Definition for Send (-ing, -s, sent)

send (-ing, -s, sent), v. [OE 'to go, way, journey'.] (webplay: come, go).

  1. Mail; post.
  2. Dispatch; order; commission to go.
  3. Share; give; [fig.] commit.
  4. Deliver to; convey to; transfer to; cause to arrive to.
  5. Throw; project; thrust; cast; fire; discharge.
  6. Transform into; cause to become; cause to go forth as.
  7. Put forth; move forward into the season.
  8. Shoot; aim and let go.
  9. Provide; furnish; supply; offer; make available.
  10. Direct; command; instruct.
  11. Affect; move; impress.
  12. Phrase. “sending … away”: dismiss; shoo.
  13. Phrase. “send … out”: radiate; emit; cause to be felt.

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