Definition for Serve (-d)

serve (-d), v. [OFr < L. 'to be a servant or slave'.] (webplay: achievement, act, bring, apply, artifice, bestow, content, day, favor, given, God, greater, hairs, happiness, house, human, judge, keep, knee, light, loved, lowest, marriage, obey, person, read, sea, seek, seize, self, solos, spirit, stops, satisfy, sufficient, thing, time, together, tree, trick, truth, turn, waits, week).

  1. Suit; fit; suffice; satisfy; content.
  2. Give; offer; present.
  3. Act; work; perform duties for; provide something for; [fig.] rise; provide heat and warmth to the earth.
  4. Worship; obey; heed; hearken to; render homage to; give habitual obedience to.

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