Definition for Sit (sat, -s, sitting)

sit (sat, -s, sitting), v. [OE < L. or Gk. 'seat'.]

  1. Settle; sink; locate.
  2. Pose; appear in a certain position.
  3. Remain; stay; continue; [fig.] grow; develop; be planted.
  4. Stiffen; cease to move; maintain a resting posture.
  5. Perch; roost; alight.
  6. Settle down in; [fig.] manifest; be evident in.
  7. Rest; endure; prevail; put down weight; [fig.] preside; dominate; reign.
  8. Mount; ride; keep place on.
  9. Exist; live.
  10. Phrase. “sit … down to”: submit to resign oneself to.
  11. Phrase. “by … to sit”: to sit by; be seated close to; take a seat near to; [fig.] watch over; wait upon; [metaphor] remember; memorialize; commemorate; [word order variation] “as the dead we love to sit by become so wondrous dear.”
  12. Phrase. “with the Saints sat down”: died and went to paradise.
  13. Phrase. “sit opon”: adorn; cover; clothe; be worn upon.

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