Definition for Smile (-d, -s, smiling)

smile (-d, -s, smiling), v. [ME.] (webplay: face, favor, joyous, kind, love, pleasure, plenty).

  1. Show a happy face; make a facial expression to show pleasure, amusement, affection, joy, love, or kindness; [fig.] rejoice; express gratitude.
  2. Smirk; grin; mock; laugh at someone.
  3. Nod; [fig.] wave; billow; flow.
  4. Greet with a sweet countenance.
  5. Bend; bow; curve.
  6. Sneer; express contempt; make a scornful look of pleasure at another's discomfort.
  7. Discharge; spark; arc; go off.
  8. Loving glance; period of attentive cultivation.
  9. Glow; radiate warmth and light; [fig.] remember; recollect.
  10. Phrase. “smile opon”: endure cheerfully.
  11. Phrase. “smile upon”: humor; look with indulgence at.
  12. Phrase. “smile at”: accept; indicate willingness to face.

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