Definition for Softly

softly, adv. [see soft, adj.]

  1. Quietly; not loudly; in a whisper; under the breath; with a low volume.
  2. Lightly; dreamily; surreally; supernaturally; [fig.] invisibly; imperceptibly.
  3. Gently; carefully.
  4. Effortlessly; fleetingly; nimbly; swiftly; trippingly.
  5. Tenderly; with sensitivity.
  6. Unobtrusively; without fanfare; without noise.
  7. Placidly; calmly; sedately.
  8. Faintly; [fig.] sibilantly; with a hissing sound.
  9. Noiselessly; silently.
  10. Genteelly; with dignity; [fig.] royally; nobly.
  11. Deftly; neatly; dexterously; gracefully.
  12. Deliberately; patiently; not feverishly.
  13. Soundlessly and steadily.
  14. Not brightly; in the background.

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