Definition for Stand (-ing, -s, stood)

stand (-ing, -s, stood), v. [OE.] (webplay: abide, accomplish, alone, alone standing, awe, carved, charity, cold, color, commands, conditions, continue, despair, doubt, elected, enemy, erect, esteem, excellent, fail, feet, fire, fly, fool, frailty, God, heat, heav'n, horror, judgment, kneel, lie, life, location, Lord, nature, near, neglected, peace, placed, posture, pray, qualities, reason, relation, remain, rests, right).

  1. Be in an upright position on the feet.
  2. Remain.
  3. Exist; be.
  4. Left a mark; stain; make shadows.
  5. Have a place; be on the same level; be equal in stature; maintain status.
  6. Come into the presence of; arrive.
  7. Bear; Endure.
  8. Be located.
  9. Come.
  10. Be still; remain firm.
  11. Linger.
  12. Become.
  13. Phrase. “Stand up”: Be alive; live; be upright on one's feet.
  14. Phrase. “Stand upon”: Get up; put yourself on your feet.
  15. Phrase. “Stand upon their heads”: Turn upside down on your head.
  16. Phrase. “Stand by”: Watch; see; witness.
  17. Phrase. “Stand for”: Signify; equal; mean.
  18. Phrase. “Stand on”: Crush; hurt; trample.

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