Definition for Strong (-er, -est)

strong (-er, -est), adj. [OE 'severe, strict'.]

  1. Physically powerful; able to exert great force; [subjective complement for linking verb.]
  2. Firm; steady; hardy; healthy.
  3. Secure; able to endure
  4. Loud; powerful; forceful; resonating; [fig.] sure; certain; committed; confident; full of faith.
  5. Perfumed; potent-smelling; heavy with floral scent.
  6. Fit; persistent; most prevailing.
  7. Powerful; omnipotent.
  8. Intense; potent; concentrated.
  9. Constant; everlasting.
  10. Strenuous; heavy; ponderous; exhausting; enervating; [fig.] bitter; dark with sorrow and sin.
  11. United; bonded; closely associated.

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