Definition for Morning (-s, -'s, morn, morn'g)

morning (-s, -'s, morn, morn'g), n. [OE morgen.] (webplay: break of day, breakfast, day, dew, gown, life, light, noon, peace, publish, roses, star, sunrise).

  1. Resurrection; renewal; rebirth.
  2. Joy; end to grief and darkness; (see Psalm 30:5).
  3. Early hours of daylight; first part of the day.
  4. Sunshine; warm season; [fig.] youth; time of fresh creativity.
  5. Daybreak; dawn; time of sunrise.
  6. Time period; next day; [word play on “mourning”] grieving time; period of sorrow.
  7. Dawn; new day.

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