Definition for IM'AGE

IM'AGE, n. [Fr. image; L. imago; Sp. imagen; It. image, immagine; Ir. iomaigh.]

  1. A representation or similitude of any person or thing, formed of a material substance; as, an image wrought out of stone, wood or wax. Whose is this image and superscription? Matth. xxii.
  2. A statue.
  3. An idol; the representation of any person or thing, that is an object of worship. The second commandment forbids the worship of images.
  4. The likeness of any thing on canvas; a picture; a resemblance painted.
  5. Any copy, representation or likeness. The child is the image of its mother.
  6. Semblance; show; appearance. The face of things a frightful image bears. Dryden.
  7. An idea; a representation of any thing to the mind; a conception; a picture drawn by fancy. Can we conceive / Image of aught delightful, soft or great? Prior.
  8. In rhetoric, a lively description of any thing in discourse, which presents a kind of picture to the mind. Encyc.
  9. In optics, the figure of any object, made by rays of light proceeding from the several points of it. Thus a mirror reflects the image of a person standing before it, as does water in a vessel or stream, when undisturbed.

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