Definition for FAINT

FAINT, a. [Ir. faine, a weakening; fann, weak; fanntais, weakness, inclination to faint; anbhfaine, fainting; Fr. faineant, idle, sluggish. This word is perhaps allied to Fr. faner, to fade, wither, decay, to make hay, foin, L. fœnum; and to vain, L. vanus, whence to vanish, Ar. فَنِي fani, to vanish, to fail, Eng. to wane, Sax. fynig, musty. Class Bn, No. 25.]

  1. Weak; languid; inclined to swoon; as, to be rendered faint by excessive evacuations.
  2. Weak; feeble; languid; exhausted; as, faint with fatigue, hunger or thirst.
  3. Weak, as color; not bright or vivid; not strong; as, a faint color; a faint red or blue; a faint light.
  4. Feeble; weak, as sound; not loud; as, a faint sound; a faint voice.
  5. Imperfect; feeble; not striking; as, a faint resemblance or image.
  6. Cowardly; timorous. A faint heart never wins a fair lady.
  7. Feeble; not vigorous; not active; as, a faint resistance; a faint exertion.
  8. Dejected; depressed; dispirited. My heart is faint. Lam. i.

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