Definition for FAIR'LY

FAIR'LY, adv.

  1. Beautifully; handsomely. [Little used.]
  2. Commodiously; conveniently; as, a town fairly situated for foreign trade.
  3. Frankly; honestly; justly; equitably; without disguise, fraud or prevarication. The question was fairly stated and argued. Let us deal fairly with all men.
  4. Openly; ingenuously; plainly. Let us deal fairly with ourselves or our own hearts.
  5. Candidly. I interpret fairly your design. Dryden.
  6. Without perversion or violence; as, an inference may be fairly deduced from the premises.
  7. Without blots; in plain letters; plainly; legibly; as, an instrument or record fairly written.
  8. Completely; without deficience. His antagonist fought till he was fairly defeated.
  9. Softly; gently. Milton.

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