Definition for FARM

FARM, v.t.

  1. To lease, as land, on rent reserved; to let to a tenant on condition of paying rent. We are enforced to farm our royal realm. Shak. [In this sense, I believe, the word is not used in America.]
  2. To take at a certain rent or rate. [Not used in America.]
  3. To lease or let, as taxes, impost or other duties, at a certain sum or rate per cent. It is customary in many countries for the prince or government to farm the revenues, the taxes or rents, the imposts and excise, to individuals, who are to collect and pay them to the government at a certain per centage or rate per cent.
  4. To take or hire for a certain rate per cent.
  5. To cultivate land. To farm let, or let to farm, is to lease on rent.

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