Definition for FASH'ION

FASH'ION, n. [fash'on; Fr. façon; Arm. facçzoun; Norm. facion; from faire, to make; L. facio, facies.]

  1. The make or form of any thing; the state of any thing with regard to its external appearance; shape; as, the fashion of the ark, or of the tabernacle. Or let me lose the fashion of a man. Shak. The fashion of his countenance was altered. Luke ix.
  2. Form; model to be imitated; pattern. King Ahaz sent to Urijah the priest the fashion of the altar. 2 Kings xvi.
  3. The form of a garment; the cut or shape of clothes; as, the fashion of a coat or of a bonnet. Hence,
  4. The prevailing mode of dress or ornament. We import fashions from England, as the English often import them from France. What so changeable as fashion!
  5. Manner; sort; way; mode; applied to actions or behavior. Pluck Casca by the sleeve, / And he will, after his sour fashion, tell you / What hath proceeded. Shak.
  6. Custom; prevailing mode or practice. Fashion is an in-exorable tyrant, and most of the world its willing slaves. It was the fashion of the age to call every thing in question. Tillotson. Few enterprises are so hopeless as a contest with fashion. Rambler.
  7. Genteel life or good breeding; as, men of fashion.
  8. Any thing worn. [Not used.] Shak.
  9. Genteel company.
  10. Workmanship. Overbury.

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