Definition for FERV'ENT

FERV'ENT, a. [L. fervens, from ferveo, to be hot, to boil, to glow; Ar. فَارَ, faura, to boil, to swell with heat, to ferment. Class Br, No. 30. Ferveo gives the Spanish hervir, to boil, to swarm as bees, whose motions resemble the boiling of water.]

  1. Hot; boiling; as, a fervent summer; fervent blood. Spenser. Wotton.
  2. Hot in temper; vehement. They are fervent to dispute. Hooker.
  3. Ardent; very warm; earnest; excited; animated; glowing; as, a fervent zeal; fervent piety. Fervent in spirit. Rom. xii.

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