Definition for FINE-LY

FINE-LY, adv.

  1. In minute parts; as, a substance finely pulverized.
  2. To a thin or sharp edge; as, an instrument finely sharpened.
  3. Gaily; handsomely; beautifully; with elegance and taste. She was finely attired.
  4. With elegance or beauty. Plutarch says very finely, that a man should not allow himself to hate even his enemies; for if you indulge this passion on some occasions, it will rise of itself in others. – Addison.
  5. With advantage; very favorably; as, a house or garden finely situated.
  6. Nicely; delicately; as, a stuff finely wrought.
  7. Purely; completely. – Clarendon.
  8. By way of irony, wretchedly; in a manner deserving of contemptuous notice. He is finely caught in his own snare.

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